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hello, my name is greta, I’m also known as the golden girl.

I’m just looking for a place that fits my soul.

Why am I writing this? Because of Ophra (no joke). A year ago, I placed an intention to find my purpose. I’m not sure if I have but somehow I found myself sitting in a Argentinian palm readers home in the outskirts of Amsterdam surrounded by tropical plants with one message “traveling and writing” also that I will meet my husband (still waiting for that to happen)… To believe or no? I guess I can choose. A sign from the Universe? I’ll take it, either way it makes a good story.

I’m not a huge fan of travel blogs or self-care influencers. Coming from an advertising background if someone tells me “this trip or place will change your life” or “become happy using these 10 life-changing methods” – they are trying to sell you something. Of course, that’s the industry, that’s how people make money. I understand. Yet, for me this journal is a personal mental, physical and spiritual journey and yes, I might try and sell something. I’ll make sure those products or services are aligned with my values; animal-friendly, palm-oil free, plastic-free and least planet destructive and hopefully pretty designs (cuz hey, I still got my Graphic Design Diploma).

Consider me a bit of a punk in the pink self-care & picture-perfect travel influencer industry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the pervious, I just could never relate to that stuff but was always curious about spirituality, nature, planet, global issues, people, educational systems, philosophy, stories and contemplating how I fit into this large and vast Universe. I guess this is my attempt to document and shift from long Facebook posts to readable length articles. Also, my friends are running out of ear-power to listen to me ramble for hours about “why mental health issues seem to be rising in the same rate as the self-help industry”, “do people know that palm-oil is destroying our tropical forests and what can we do about this?”, “why are there so little local surf girls in Indonesia?” or just stories of my personal encounters and understandings.

This will not change your life, the most it might (or might not) encourage you to take responsibility of your own life and inspire you to follow whatever the fuck your palm reader encouraged you to pursue and hope it’s somehow useful not only to you but to the planet, the animals and the people around you, cuz we don’t wanna die as selfish-pricks, at least I don’t.

Stay Golden